Calor 18kg Biogas Propane Gas Bottle

BioLPG – take your emissions to a  whole new low with Bell.  Calor is the first energy company to supply BioLPG  in Europe,  by creating propane from renewable and sustainable materials.

Ask us about your company’s eligibility for BioLPG and reduce your carbon footprint with our hassle free delivery service here at Bell.

Why use BioLPG?

 •  Chemically identical to conventional  LPG – the ultimate ‘drop-in’ fuel

• Renewable and sustainable

• Greenhouse gas savings from 15% to 32%*

 •  International Sustainability and Carbon Certification scheme approved

• No impact on performance levels

•  No need to change existing LPG  equipment, vehicles and appliances


What’s not to like! Make your company greener, give us a call, email or pop in to the showroom today.


*32% savings on carbon emissions are achievable at an allocation of 40% BioLPG and 60% conventional LPG. Calor reserves the right to amend the blend of BioLPG based on availability, feed stocks and predicted customer tonnage

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The cylinder refill agreement

When buying a gas bottle from us for the first time, you’ll be subject to a cylinder refill agreement charge and if you do not have a gas bottle to exchange, this cost will be automatically added to your order when you checkout, for every bottle you purchase without an empty counterpart to exchange.

This is because, although you’re buying the gas from Bell, the steel bottle itself, remains the property of Calor for the duration of its use.

This means, that the first time you purchase a gas bottle, you will be subject to this charge but when your gas bottle in empty, you can exchange your empty gas bottle for a full bottle within the same category (see gas bottle exchange policy), at just the cost of the gas and you will not have to pay for a cylinder refill agreement again. If however, your gas bottle is empty and you no longer require gas and do not want to make an exchange for a full bottle, you can return the gas bottle to us and we will refund the cost of the cylinder refill agreement to you on a sliding scale, based on the length of time the bottle has been in your possession.

Gas Delivery Service Available

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